Press Releases

Urban Farm Gets TLC From Volunteers
© Edison International. Inside Edison & Newsroom. August 07, 2015 | By Justin Felles

Seeds of Change: The Value of School Gardens in Education and Community Health
© By Christine Tran. KCET, 4/2015

Recipe: Tacos de Nopales
© by Maria Zizka. KCET, 4/2015

Recipe: Papalo-Tomatillo Guacamole
© by Maria Zizka. KCET, 4/2015

Transforming the Health of a Community Through Innovative Collaboration
© KCET, 4/2015

Urban Farming: A Food Desert Oasis
© KCET, 3/2015

Learning About a Community Asset
© By Flower Bears. KCET, 2/2015.

A Trip Around El Monte and South El Monte to See its Past, Present, and Future
© By Rubi Fregoso. KCET, 1/2015.

Quenching the Thirst in a Food Desert.
© by Connie Ho. KCET, 12/2014.

Hikvision and Earthworks Farm Support a Healthy Community.
© Hikvision, published 9/2014.

Secret garden cultivates community well-being.
© BY Anna Iliff. Los Angeles Register, 9/2014.

Guided Imagery
Inverview by Tara Shore
©The weSPARK Beam, Spring 2007.

Integral Life & Career Coaching
Interview published in "The Caster News" 4/2001

What Is Hypnotherapy?
The Medical Hypnotherapist
© Marianne Zaugg, published 2/2000

Visual Memory, online magazine for women in the arts.
© Marianne Zaugg, published 10/1999

Ménage a Trois!
Vitamins, Minerals, and the Athlete's Body ADDvantage Magazine for Tennis-Teaching Professionals.
© Marianne Zaugg, publ.9/1996

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