Tennis + Talk

The YES Foundation offers a program called Tennis + Talk, which provides classes to individuals with special needs. Tennis + Talk program promotes health and fitness through the game of tennis.

Classes strive to expose children and adults with special needs and developmental disabilities — autism spectrum, Asperger syndrome, ADD or dyslexia — to the world of sports.

Through the game of tennis, one develops motor skills and coordination, learns to be physically active, while building self-esteem and confidence.

Tennis + Talk sessions are customized to the individual's need:

  • promotes fitness and movement
  • supports self-expression
  • incorporates health and life coaching

It starts with a phone call to schedule and assess the individual's abilities and desire to play the game of tennis. Once the assessment is completed, time and place is coordinated.

Program Justification / Rational

Many studies show that participating in a sport is beneficial to children with special needs. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that autism is on the rise and continues to take its toll on families across the nation.

For more information, please call (626) 539-4063, or fill out the request for information.