Unearthing History. Interview with Marianne Zaugg

By Graham Goldich, © 2020

Eco Urban Gardens | Farm Lab | Outdoor Learning Space ©2020

A film by Rochelle Rose, produced by Rochelle Rose and Marianne Zaugg

The Healthy Happy cast! Episode 4: Marianne Zaugg on Using Breath to Take Control & Relieve Stress

Clinical Hypnotherapist Marianne Zaugg walks Harvey Slater through a simple breathing technique that can be used anytime you feel anxious, stressed, or out of touch with yourself.

Wellness School Symposium 2019. Marianne Zaugg. Eco Urban Gardens.

Marianne Zaugg on the panel of the School Wellness Symposium, hosted by City of Hope, answers questions from attendees regarding Eco Urban Gardens.

Building a Hügelculture Bed

Liz from Eco Urban Gardens is sharing with us how to build a Hügelculture bed for water harvesting.

Visiting Arroyo High School Garden Club

A closer look at the Arroyo High School Garden Club Farm-to-School program in El Monte, Califonia.

Urban Farming: A Food Desert Oasis

Featuring Marianne Zaugg, Farm Program and Development Director. Original air date: April 1, 2015 on KCET, SoCal Connected.